Anna Ciepiela
— editorial
& graphic design

I am a graphic designer with a great command of typography and a passion for print and paper. I love making and touching books. I am patient and I find special pleasure in fine-tuning and meticulous typesetting. I believe in functionality and I look for solutions directly in the content. I want things to be beautiful and stylish. I want my design to show that I smile a lot, and that I don't shy away from taking decisions or making a statement. I know that things can always be designed better, and this guides my attitude.


More about me

I am a Polish graphic designer based in the Netherlands. I have gained significant experience working as a graphic designer since 2010: for the last 4,5 years in the Netherlands, and before that in Poland and Romania. I have worked on a variety of projects for offline and online communication, ranging from book and magazine design, music packaging, visual identities, to websites, posters, brochures. I am currently available for work, freelance or with a job contract.